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St Alcuin's is a society of clergy and laity.

We are dedicated To our mission

We are a Bible believing evangelical church. We support adult baptism and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. At the moment we have 12 clergy. Two in Germany and one in Norway. We are Old Catholics with full Apostolic Succession by Rome. There 5 million Old Catholic in the world.

We are called to preach the Gospel to all the world, making disciples of every nation to spread the Good News of Salvation to all peoples. We realize the importance of reaching out to all people and to exclude no one. God's love is for all. We have made a choice to reach out to the poor, the suffering, the oppressed and those who find themselves in spiritual difficulty, just like Christ taught us to do!

We are a Church of the People for the People under God in all that we do

We believe that the Catholic Church should be national to better serve the needs of the local people.We are called to live in the world. We know that life can be tough. While we live in the world, we as Christians are not of the world, but of Christ. The Church is not the building that we worship in, rather, the Church is made up of the people. We also believe that the Church should be guided by the Holy Spirit and not by money.

We are based upon ancient Christian tradition and heritage

To show us the way we have the Gospel as a solid guidepost set firmly in the foundation of the Church. We have the Traditions and the treasures of the Early Church as well. Among the differences we have from our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, we have a married priesthood, compassionate about those whose life has been disrupted by for divorce and then remarriage So we allow those normally barred in other churches to receive Holy Communion, and we have general absolution at every Mass/Communion. We also believe in the Dignity of every person created in the Image and Likeness of God.

We have the Seven Sacraments and a valid Priesthood handed down to us in unbroken succession from the Apostles. We believe the seven sacraments, instituted by Christ, and made manifest through the Priesthood; they are Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, the Holy Eucharist, Marriage, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick.
We are filled with the Holy Spirit

With Christ as the head of the church, we are its members. We are guided by the Holy Spirit. Thus charged, we are the instruments of His Love and Gifts. We also believe that all members of the Church have an important role in God's plan for Salvation.

We are a Liturgical Church

Our prayer and worship are from the ancient Catholic and Apostolic Church. Our prayers, are the prayers and worship of Christians throughout the ages. The Liturgy is beautiful and truly brings one to God's loving Presence.

We are a Servant Church

Our clergy and congregations all understand the need of the Church to be active in the everyday lives of people. To be supporting and a source of strength for all who need it. We believe strongly in social justice. The Divine Physician came to heal and set things right for all physically and spiritually.

We all live for the same goal - reaching out to the many people who seek a new family home for worship and coming from all walks of life to build new loving congregations.

As we preach the Good News of our Lord and Saviour, we seek a common purpose that guides us all. We shall proclaim it in and through Christ, and it is God's never ending Love that shall bring it to all who seek him.

We see people with different views on issues that are very important to their heart, such as celebrating the Orthodox Liturgy, the Old Catholic Liturgy, the Roman Missal, the 1928 Episcopal (Anglican) Book of Common Prayer or in more rare instances the Latin Mass.

Liturgy as the celebration of the divine mysteries of God's Salvation among his people will always remain the centre of our church.

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