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What We Believe In

The Bible teaches us that marriage is a gift from God in creation. It tells us to be loyal to each other in marriage and to remain together until death parts us. That marriage is a partnership, a comfort and a basis to bring up children in God's way. Sex is reward for faithfulness and through the joy of bodily union we may be blessed with the love and care of children. It also teaches us that if we have failed by our fault or through no fault of our own we can turn to God and ask for forgiveness which he readily offers. No matter how bad we've been if we turn to God and repent he will forgive us.

We believe in the Creator God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is a Father God who loves us as his children and expects us to love our children too, teaching them and helping fulfil their full potential. He is the God of the Bible which we believe is God's word to us, his hand book on how to live your life. To us God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son Jesus to pay the price of our sin. We believe that if you turn to God and ask for forgiveness of your sin and intend to live out your life His way then you are born again into a new life where your spirit works with his Holy Spirit as God intends.

Most congregations have experienced, within them, the pain of broken marriages and families but have found peace and new life by accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord. We have all seen the victims of divorce, with God's help, rebuild their lives and bring up their children in a wonderful way.

We are all sinners, we have all "blown it" when it comes to God but he loves us and wants us to turn to him. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing and that, perhaps, is the greatest need people have. Jesus died to bring us back to his Father, believe in him and we receive it, as well as eternal life. That is the real story of our church.


* Priests may marry and have families They are apostolically ordained by an apostolic bishop.
* Individuals may divorce and remarry, being reconciled to the Church through the grace of God and are not excluded from the Sacraments.
* Artificial contraception is an issue of conscience between the husband, wife and God.
* No Christian is excluded from the sacramental ministry. All baptized Christians are invited to participate in the worship and sacraments of the Church.
* We recognize the Declaration of Utrecht, a translation of the Profession of Faith, formulated by the Old Catholic Bishops, assembled September 24, 1889.
* Priests who have left other Catholic Churches because they married may join the St Alcuin's if they are otherwise fit to serve and the Archbishop approves their service.
* Priests are given the option to use any liturgy that has had prior approval from the Archbishop including the BCP and modern liturgy such as the ASB 80 and Roman post 1969 Mass.
* St Alcuin's has a "Zero Tolerance Policy" to the following: Child Molesters, Substance Abuse by Priests, Nuns and or Brothers, Sexual Harassment, Embezzlement, Criminal Activity, Verbal or Physical Abuse by Priests, Nuns or Brothers.
* The St Alcuin's will only ordain Priests after all requirements are met by the local Bishop. Age and experience count highly but we require a CV to finalise the Mentorship Program prior to Ordination.
* Large Congregations may wish to build and to maintain multi-purpose buildings that will serve to:
Serve the community, act as pre schools during the day, serve as centres for seniors, child care or occupational training.
Our Churches are decorated with style and taste while avoiding the use of Gold, Precious Stones and similar items that wring resources from the community that could be better used to help those in need.

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