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Out Reach

The St-Alcuins Old Catholic Church supports the work of Open Doors run by John (Priest) and his wife Vanessa (PCW).

God with us

Prayer is more than words, it‘s our thoughts and feelings too. They can be spoken inside, or out loud. To give thanks for what we have, and to discover more about God and ourselves. God is with us always.

Though at this time, in this place, we can feel especially close to God. I am here, and God is here, arriving at this time and place.

Accepted just as I am,

I am sorry!

A time of confession.

To say sorry for the things we have thought, said or done. When we have judged others.

[Take time to think] I was lost, and you found me, oh God.

I messed up, and you forgave me.

I am sorry for hurting others — and you.

With your help, oh God — I will be true.

I am Thankful:

God is all love, and forgiving, and we can say,

"Thank you."

You created me, my God — and you love me. Wash me whiter than snow. With you all things are possible, but without you, I am nothing.

"The Word on the Street" by Rob Lacey.

John 15 goes a little like this:

To set the scene - The next speech is outside. (Who knows, possibly near a vineyard.) He sets up the image of him as a vine plant, his Father as the pruner and the team as branches. They need to keep contact with him if they're going to produce grapes. If they get lopped off, they'll be part of the next bonfire. But if they hit production targets, it'll prove they're well connected to him.

Jesus speaks:
'I've told you all this to cheer you up. To pump every part of you full of joy. My rule reads, "Love each other like I've loved you. There's no love that tops this love, the love where someone gives up his life for his mates. How d'you know if you're my mates? You'll do as I tell you. I don't call you "staff' or "employees", 'cos mere workers aren't in on the boss's plans. No, I call you "mates" 'cos everything Dad's told me, I've told you. I've held nothing back. Been totally open. You might think you opted into the team, but actually, I picked you. Why? So you'd be productive and that your produce would last. So, ask my Father for what you like, and he'll give it to you if you charge it to my account. Don't forget my rule "Love each other."

I believe in God, who created the Universe — and me. God of all we can see, and God of all, that we can‘t see.

When we turned away, He came to us as Jesus, the Christ — though we did not understand.

I believe Jesus died and rose again, for everyone — and me.

Through God‘s gift of the Holy Spirit, I believe, God is one and three. I believe we can be one in Him, just as He is one in all — and me.

Thinking of others:

Prayers are thoughts we sometimes put into words. Concerns for others who are close, or far away. Situations we feel we cannot change on our own. Our worries and our hopes. ...

Care for family relationships, friends and those I know.Care for our town, the place where I live. Care for nature and our environment. Care for myself — on my journey.

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